Women's conference

Dating, Mating &  relating

Saturday, October 12th

9:30am - 3pm

Northridge Campus



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To really understand men and their behavior with women, we have to understand how they view, value and relate to sex. You will learn the profound effect that attraction has on a man as well as the following:

- How to know if a man is in love or just physically attracted

- What to expect if he's just physically attracted

- What makes a woman captivating

- Why a women's body is worthy of obsession

- What is the #1 turn off for a man

Lunch will be served. Join us for this life changing event on relationships, with Daniele Hage! Invite a friend!

For more info or questions, please contact afrodite@valleymetrochurch.com

Daniele Hage

Daniele Hage has been happily married for 38 years. She has ministered  with her husband in areas of youth ministry and evangelism, as well as teaching at conferences throughout the nation. Daniele is open and transparent in her approach to exhorting and encouraging men and women. As the wife of a pastor, the mother of three adult children and the grandmother of five, she brings a refreshing point of view about how to triumph as a Christian woman in the everyday practicalities of life. Daniele has built her ministry, “Dynamic Traits: Bring Out the Best”, on her “In Living Color” personality seminar for men and women and “The Extraordinary Value of a Man” seminar. Daniele is currently co-pastoring OC Summit Church in Southern California.