special outdoor pentecost service

May 31, 10am

AT Hope Chapel, 7930 Mason Ave, Winnetka

Hello Church Family!

We hope this message finds you well, healthy, and blessed!

After much prayer, we are excited to invite you to  a Special Outdoor Pentecost Celebration service this Sunday from 10-11am at Hope Chapel Winnetka. 

We will also be ministering via live stream for those who prefer to participate from home.  We realize some of you can’t wait to worship together again, and some may not quite be ready, but whatever your conviction, we respect it. Romans 14:5b says , “Each of them should be fully convinced in their own mind”. 

The Bible says, “do not forsake the gathering” and the president encouraged churches to gather for prayer.  Our governor as well as our mayor have approved church gatherings and provided safety guidelines through  “CalOSHA,” which we will be following carefully (listed below):

  • Please bring a lawn chair or blanket. 
  • Our service will be held outside with everyone safely socially distanced at least 6ft apart (families can remain seated together). 
  • We will refrain from hugs, handshakes, high fives; bulletins, coffee, or donuts cannot be provided at this time. 
  • Please wear your face mask and bring your own water.  
  • Children are to specifically remain in the care of their parents at all times. An age-appropriate digital lesson will be available for them through their parent’s smartphone. Also, coloring books may be provided (TBA). 
  • Although we would love all to attend, we need to respectfully note the following: 
    The CDC discourages attendance at this time for: 
    • those who are 65 and older
    • those who have any underlying medical condition
    • those who have been sick, have had any symptoms, or have been exposed to anyone who was sick or had symptoms within the past 2 weeks
Thank you for helping us celebrate Jesus safely as we all learn how to best  minister in these challenging times!

God bless you and hope to see you Sunday! 
Pastor Brian & Kristi